Eating a Lot of Meat Early Related to Early Periods

According to recent research, having a high quantity of meat in your dietary intake during childhood can mean girls start their period early.
UK researchers studied the diets of 3,000 12-year-old girls.
They discovered high meat consumption at age three, that is, eight plus weekly portions and age seven, thats is, 12 portions, was strongly related to early periods.
The researchers stated that a high meat diet could prepare the body for pregnancy, triggering an earlier puberty.
Meat is a great source of iron and zinc, both very much needed during pregnancy.
Early periods are considered to be due also to improved nutrition and increasing levels of obesity, which both affect hormones.
Comparing the girls diets at the ages of 3, 7 and 10, they discovered that meat intake at a young age was strongly related to earlier periods.
Indeed, at age seven there was a 75% higher likelihood of having a period by age 12 for those eating the most meat in contrast to those who ate the least.
Moreover, the study also found that physically bigger girls are prone to early menstruation.

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