Feng Shui Your Diet

Feng Shui is considered to have an immense effect on the subconscious. Hence, it is a great way of promoting weight loss .
Instead of counting calories and fighting cravings, you can promote wellbeing through a careful selection of shapes, colours and materials.
A square dish is preferable to a round dish when you are attempting to lose weight . Square dishes radiate contentment in Feng Shui, whilst circular dishes invite curiosity.
Mellow, earthy tones bespeak fulfillment, with bright colours stimulating appetite. Should you be serious about adhering to your diet, paint where you eat an earthy colour like brown or beige. You are unlikely to overeat.
Put out even settings, which makes your eating environment more balanced. This will make it easier for you to be able to stick to your diet.
An even number of table settings will make you feel relaxed, whereas, an odd number increases your awareness.

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