Four Cups of Coffee a Day Keeps Oral Cancer Away

A new study shows that drinking four cups of coffee on a daily basis protects against mouth cancer .
Individuals who drink a lot of coffee are 39 per cent less likely to suffer from oral or pharynx cancers .
Doctors state that individuals ought to drink a moderate amount of coffee because caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure .
Some studies have suggested that chemicals found in coffee can cause as well as prevent cancer.
This recent research evidence strongly points to certain chemicals in coffee, including antioxidants, can provide protection to keep cancers at bay.

The American scientists reviewed information from nine studies from America, Europe and Central America, which contrasted the coffee habits of approximately 5,000 cancer patients and 9,000 healthy individuals.

After accounting for diet, smoking and alcohol habits, they discovered that regular coffee drinkers were 39 per cent less likely to develop oral cancers and cancer of the pharynx than those who drank no coffee.
Dr Mia Hashibe, lead author, stated that given coffee is widely drunk and that there is a considerably relatively high incidence of these cancers and a low survival rate, these results have crucial public health implications which need to be addressed.
The sample size of this study makes it unique, as well as the associated statistical significance.

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