Friends Diet of Salad for a Decade

Whilst on “Friends”, Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston’s diet comprised of the same salad each day for a decade.

Cox and Aniston maintained their slim figures on “Friends” due to a strict diet..
In a recent interview for The Los Angeles Times, Cox disclosed that she mimicked her “Friends” co-star’s dietary habits over the decade they worked together on the worldwide hit TV series.
“Jennifer and Lisa and I ate lunch together every single day for 10 years,” Cox, 45, said.
And they always ate the same thing, a Cobb salad. However, Jennifer added bits of turkey bacon and garbanzo beans. So it was not as tasteless as it would have otherwise been.
Cox said it would be great to follow the success of the series with a Friends on the big screen. She says she has dreamt of it happening.
The ‘Sex and the City’ characters got to hop around Manhattan.
In “Friends” of course they were contained in the apartment or coffee house.

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