Healthy Diet for Life

Human beings have maintained pretty good health for millenia, prior to nutritional science coming along to inform us how to do it.
Eating in the present day has been complicated, and pointlessly so.
Experts tell us how to eat. Hence, we have the fat versus carb wars, high protein and fibre debates, as well as dietary supplement battles.
There are two very important factors to consider in the diet arena.
Populations that eat a western diet, comprising a great deal of processed meat and food, high levels of added sugar and fat, few fresh fruit and veg suffer from western diseases, like heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes .
Populations that eat a wide range of traditional diets do not generally suffer from these chronic diseases.
This goes to suggest that the human omnivore is wonderfully adapted to various foods and diets, except the relatively new one, the western diet, which is the one many of us are on.

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