Katherine Jenkins is a fan of the Dukan diet

Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez are great fans of it.
It has taken over France and now Katherine Jenkins is the biggest fan.
The Dukan diet, has four separate phases and guarantees quick weight loss, with a further plan to maintain your figure.
It sounds great, because you can eat all you want, apart from one day a week which ought to be purely protein .
Initially, you have to stick to a strict protein-only diet prior to the introduction of vegetables in the second stage and other food types in the third stage.
Dr Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist, claims that should you stick to the fourth stabilisation stage for the remainder of your life you will stay slim forever.
Originally Dr Dukan designed a purely protein diet for a friend who did not wish to give up meat.
Just five days into the diet the patient had lost 10lbs and another 6lbs over the next five days.
He was so astonished by the results that he altered his specialism from neurology to nutrition and undertook 35 years researching the diet and getting it just right.
An astonishing 1.5 million French women stick to this diet plan, which advocates walking as a key form of exercise .
Singer Katherine Jenkins has been reported to say that she is a fan of the Dukan Diet .

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