Link between Gluten and Acne has been Overlooked

Certain inviduals get acne quite badly. They try every possible remedy and nothing helps.
It is possible that the gluten in your diet has led to gluten sensitivity and it could prevent you from curing your acne.
Gluten sensitivity is quite hidden and difficult to detect. It is often a health problem you would never contemplate.
It is also be a reason why some acne victims experience great problems trying to clear their skin.
You may eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifetsyle, yet you may not clear your acne due to your regular exposure to gluten.
What is worse is that gluten is everywhere. It is in practically all processed foods, and also in shampoos, lipsticks and vitamins .
So what does gluten do to contribute to acne?
Acne is a skin condition which is due to blood sugar problems as well as chronic inflammation. They trigger hormonal reactions which lead to increased sebum production, blocked pores and an abundance of acne causing bacteria.
There are two ways in which gluten contributes to acne; it damages the small intestine, which could mean nutritional deficiencies.
The second way is inflammation. Those who have gluten sensitivity are not able to digest gluten effectively. Hence, they do not totally absorb digested protein molecules.

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