Low Carb Diet Helpful for Women with Insulin Resistance

Some medics recommend that obese women who wish to lose weight should adhere to a low fat diet .
New research confirms that a better option for weight loss for women with insulin resistance is a low carb diet .
The study demonstrated that obese women with insulin resistance who stuck to a low carb diet for three months lost more weight than counterparts who adhered to a low fat carb diet.
Insulin resistance usually precedes the development of Type 2 diabetes and diabetics abnormally metabolise carbohydrates or carbs, which affects the rate at which they lose weight .
The study was undertaken at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and colleagues tested the two diets in 45 obese women with insulin resistance, aged between 18 to 65.
The low fat diet comprised of 60 percent of calories from carbs, 20 per cent from fat and 20 per cent from protein . On the other hand, the low carb diet consisted of 45 per cent of calories from carbs, 35 per cent from unsaturated fats and 20 per cent from protein.

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