The DNA Diet

Food is information for our genes. It can profoundly affect our metabolism and can promote health or disease.
Obesity is the result of a harmful, unhealthy diet . It is vital to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.
The food we consume can be medicine or poison. The food we eat interacts with DNA at a cellular and molecular level in such a way that it can fundamentally modify our metabolism.
Unhealthy dietary habits can quickly lead to obesity, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases due to the extra weight impacting on our bodies.
People are not aware of the effect of certain toxic foods on the body.
A new book, the DNA Diet, shows how our food interacts with our genes and which foods promote a healthy, lean body.
It clearly identifies healthy and harmful foods, enabling us to make healthier food choices.
Lots of so called healthy foods are actually considerably dangerous for us. Margarine is a prime example. It is a 100% artificial and potentially toxic commercial food which research demonstrates is clearly related to heart disease . Yet margarine is marketed as the healthy alternative to butter.
The DNA Diet book also offers straight forward information about nutrition .
Moreover, it provides a comprehensive diet plan and practical information so you can begin eating healthily immediately; enabling you to re-establish your health and vitality in a natural and effective manner.

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