What goes into our Diet

So many of us are waking up to the fact that we wish to be as healthy as possible, which means regular exercise and a healthy diet .
So, how do we ensure that we adere to a healthy diet? Do we know what is in our food?
There are added ingredients in our food which we may never even have heard of. Even the healthiest of us will find it almost impossible to avoid food that has been blasted with sugars, salts, fats and additives.
You would think the Special K snack bar is healthy. Howevever, it is nearly 40 per cent sugar. And you would also consider Sultana Bran flakes to be healthy, however, they are 30 per cent sugar.
The attraction of such skilfully engineered foods is noticeable on our waistlines. 50 per cent of the UK population is obese .
Eating just one sausage a day can increase your risk of diabetes or heart disease .
So what can be done? The government has placed pressure on manufacturers like Heinz and Kelloggs to reduce their sugar and fat levels.
There is a greater need than ever for more labelling on packaged food. Nonetheless, we do not have enough information about our food. This means that we need to continue asking questions.

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