A Healthy Diet Can Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

A diet consisting of more whole grains and vegetables can lower the risks of women developing breast cancer .
A healthy balanced diet and minimal if no consumption of alcohol can reduce the increasing incidence of breast cancer among women, tipping cervical cancer to the second spot.
In India it is reported that one woman out of 22 is likely to suffer from breast cancer during her lifetime, compared to one in eight women in America.
The risks and effects of cancer can be reduced and one’s quality of life can be improved with effective nutrition .
A study was conducted by Nourissat and team, making a connection between nutritional status and a cancer sufferer’s quality of life.
The researchers uncovered a significant reduction in the mean global quality of the score in patients who had lost more than 10 percent of body weight since the onset of cancer compared to patients with cancers who had not undergone severe weight loss .
Cancer patients who have not lost lots of weight can tolerate the side effects of cancer therapies and treatments, such as, constipation, nausea, fatigue and diaorrhea.
A healthy diet for cancer patients would include adequate amounts of fruits, vegetables and fibres, such as, legumes, beans and whole grains, healthy low fats, as well as lots of fluids.
It is also essential to be more physically active for a healthy body and mind.

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