Eggs Termed a Superfood

The egg has been termed a ‘superfood’ due to its wonderful ability to enhance health and deal with obesity, so scientists have recently announced.
The new research highlights how eggs are a highly nutrient-dense food and that we ought to be eating a minimum of one a day for optimal benefits.
In addition, the researchers discovered that eggs play a crucial part in weight management and dieting, and that the antioxidants in eggs may even assist the prevention of age-related macular degeneration, an eye condition which can lead to blindness.
Nutrition scientists analysed data from 71 published research papers and examined the role eggs play in your diet .
They discovered that, in spite of eggs being low in calories, they are high in protein and full of key nutrients vital for good health, especially vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline and selenium.
The report also affirms that amongst protein foods, eggs contain the best mix of essential amino acids, important for children, young adults and adolescents as a balance of amino acids is needed for proper growth and repair.
The report specifies groups who could especially benefit from eating more eggs, such as, adults, teenagers and children.
An egg also provides 20% of the daily vitamin D intake needed.

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