Healthy Food Have a Direct Impact on Ovarian Cancer Patient Survival

A healthy diet can have a direct impact on the survival rate of ovarian cancer patients, a new study finds.
Ovarian cancer does not show any symptoms on its onset and has a relatively low 5-year survival rate of around 45%.
Hence, investigation related to surviving is crucial.
There are around 6,600 new cases of ovarian cancer each year, with around 4,400 women dying of this disease each year.
New research in the March 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association evaluates potential diet associations with ovarian cancer survival.
University of Illinois at Chicago researchers determined that there is a strong relationship between healthy eating and prolonged survival.
Research paricipants had to fill in a food frequency questionnaire wherein they had to specify exactly what they ate and how often.
The researchers discovered that that higher total fruit and vegetable consumption led to a survival advantage.
Similarly, a statistically significant improvement in survival was observed for healthier grains.
Higher intakes of unheaalthy meats were related to a survival time disadvantage.

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