Mediterranean Diet Linked to Success of Fertility Treatment

Women who adhere to a Mediterranean-style diet high in vegetables, vegetable oils as well as fish may have a higher likelihood of becoming pregnant after infertility treatment, a new study suggests.
Netherlands researchers discovered that among 161 couples undergoing fertility treatment at their centre, women whose diets were most close to the traditional Mediterranean diet were 40 percent more likely to become pregnant than women adhering to th the least Mediterranean-like diets.
The study was “observational”; nonetheless, the role of diet in the success of fertility treatment needs to be explored.
Couples considering fertility treatment need to eat a balanced diet including healthy amounts of vegetables, vegetable oil, fish and beans.
The researchers discovered that a third of women who scored highest in terms of adherence to the Mediterranean diet had a pregnancy rate of 30 percent after IVF or ICSIm 5% higher than the pregnancy rate of women with the least Mediterranean like diet.

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