Now is the Best Time to Plant Your Potatoes

The best fruit and vegetables are home grown ones. Organic fruit and vegetables have grown in popularity in the UK and are now available in all major supermarkets .
Organic gardening means gardening or growing produce with fertilizers or pesticides of animal or vegetable origin, rather than from manufactured chemicals.
To get a delicious early crop of potatoes, the best time to plant is now.
Some favourites are King Edward VII and Belle de Fontenay potatoes.
Should you not have “chitted” them, that is, exposed them to light so that the little shoots grow on them, as is usually recommended, do not worry. The potatoes will still come up.
Plant the potatoes 4-6 inches deep, in rows 3ft apart, leaving 9 to 12 inches between seeds.
In three weeks time, when the first shoots come through, scrape a bit of the soil away from around the leaves.
This ensures that the potatoes are kept moist and that the tubers have lots of soil to develop in.
You need do nothing else. The potatoes will be ready for harvest in 90 days.
Upon the potatoes being lifted, you can rake the ground and sow perpetual spinach and summer salad.

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