Poor Diets Turning Scots Toothless

The Scots’ penchant for sweets is partially to blame for their abysmal dental record.

Over a third of Scottish women as well as a quarter of men aged 55 plus have lost all of their teeth, so latest government figures reveal.
The statistic was called a “depressing indictment” of Scotland’s poor diet and dental health .
The figures were released as a response to a Holyrood question, highlighting that 3% of Scottish adults aged between 35 and 54 have been left with no teeth.
At the time, the Scottish Executive set a target of 90% of adults to have some natural teeth by 2010.
Liberal Democrat health spokesman, Ross Finnie, urged the Scottish government to sort the matter out, affirming that: “This is a depressing indictment of Scotland’s dental health.”
It is imperative, under the circumstances, for Scotland to improve its diet, as not only is it affecting Scottish waistlines; it is also having an adverse effect on Scottish teeth.
Some people in certain parts of Scotland find it difficult to access NHS dentists . Hence, equal access to NHS dentists is crucial.

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