Teenagers Sugary Diet Lead to Increased Insulin Resistance as Adults

Teenagers sugary diets lead to increased insulin resistance as adults.
This is the latest finding of research conducted by a team from Queens University Belfast.
Researchers have found a correlation between sugary food intake and insulin resistance as adults.
Researchers accessed dietary histories of 489 adolescents aged 12-15, with the follow up at ages 20-25.
The researchers uncovered a linear relationship between sugar intake at age 12-15 and insulin resistance.
For each 1% increase in dietary sugar, there was a related 2% increase in insulin resistance as assessed by the HOMA-IR score.
In addition, higher sugar intakes in adolescence were associated with greater fasting plasma glucose at age 20-25.
For each 1% increase in dietary sugar, there was a 0.01mmol/l increase in fasting plasma glucose.
Last week, these findings were presented at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference in Liverpool .

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