The Best Treatment of Early Diabetes is a Healthy Diet and Exercise

The best treatment for early diabetes is a healthy diet and exercise .
A study has questioned the use of diabetes treatments in the early stage of this condition.
The report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, highlighted that those suffering from type 2 diabetes are not likely to benefit from the two most used drug treatments.
On the other hand, the study recommends that patients ought to be encouraged to undertake more exercise and improve their diets .
Thus it is evident that diet and exercise ought to be understood and acted upon as the first step to the delay or prevention of the progression to Type 2 diabetes.
The drug treatments tested as part of this study have proven effective for those with Type 2 diabetes . However, the study results show that they are not as effective amongst those at risk of diabetes.
This large study involved approximately 9,000 people, for whom diet and exercise were proven to be the most effective methods of diabetes delay and prevention.

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