Walnuts may Prevent Prostate Cancer

University of California Davis researchers decided to test the benefits of eating walnuts as those who suffer from prostate cancer are known to have higher levels of endothelin than those who do not have prostate cancer .
They discovered that mice fed on walnuts developed prostate cancers about 50 per cent smaller than a control group that was fed soya bean oil instead.
Dr Paul Davis, study leader, confirmed that walnuts ought to play a key part in a prostate-healthy diet, including plenty of fruit and vegetables .
The researchers fed the animals around a handful of nuts every day as opposed to a supplement extract.
There are approximately 35,000 men in the UK diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and 10,000 die from the condition.
Experts consider that the disease is strongly associated to environmental factors like diet .
Walnuts are full of health providing substances like omega 3 fatty acids, an inflammation-fighting form of vitamin E antioxidants and polyphenol plant compounds.

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