80 Per Cent of Children in the UK not Getting Enough Fruit and Veg

80 per cent of children are not receiving enough fruit and veg which could mean they could possibly have future health problems, so a cancer charity has warned.
The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) warns that that children aged between 5 and 15 have an average of just three portions of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, as opposed to the five recommended portions.

Hence, UK youngsters are not receiving the crucial vitamins and nutrients included in fresh fruit and vegetables in their diets .
The charity stresses that this may affect the likelihood of them developing cancer in the future.
Official figures show that children aged between five and 15 have an average of three portions of fruits and vegetables a day.
More alarmingly, 1in 14 boys and 1 in 25 girls have no dietary consumption of fruits and vegetables altogether.
A study which came out in early May highlighted that consuming five portions of fruit a day does not significantly lower the risk of developing cancer.
Nonetheless, the WCRF considers that an assessment of all available evidence shows that a healthy balanced diet does have a protective effect on our health.

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