Celebrity Reveals Diet Secret

Different celebrities have revealed their diet secrets in the past few weeks.
Cheryl Cole has revealed the secret to her super slim, strict blood-type diet.
The X-Factor judge adheres to the Eat Right 4 Your Type diet plan which specifies that you ought to eat and exercise as per your blood type.
The diet, which listsDemi Moore and Martine McCutcheon amongst its fans, was the way the 26 year old chose to lose weight in her Girls Aloud days and she has stuck to it since.
Cheryl states that the blood type diet gives her more energy.
This diet specifies that individuals with an O blood type ought to eat lots of meat, those who are A blood type ought to be mostly vegetarian and those who are A/B blood types can eat most foods; those with blood type B are the only ones who handle dairy well.
However, nutritionist Lyndel Costain, author of “Diet Trials”, has tested popular diets and claims there is no evidence that this diet is effective.

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