Excessive Fat Can in your Diet can Make you Breathless

Eating too much fat can literally take your breath away.
Australian researchers urge you not to have a high fat diet especially if are asthmatic, upon discovering that fat leads to inflamed breathing passages and hampers any medical interventions.
The researchers placed 14 non obese asthmatics and 16 obese participants on high fat diets, that is, 1,000 calories with 52%/60g of fat from burgers and chips, with another group of 16 non-obese asthmatics on a low fat yogurt diet, that is, 200 calories, 13%/3g fat. Saliva samples were then taken four hours afterwards.
Participants who had eaten the high fat meal experienced increased inflammation of airway breathing passages, which did not happen after the consumption of the low fat meal.
The high fat meal blocked the asthmatic response to albuterol which helps prevent asthma. In those who has eaten the high fat meal, the post-albuterol improvement in lung function after three and four hours was suppressed.

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