Insufficient Fruit and Veg to Make American Diet Healthy

America does not produce sufficient fruit and veg nor does it import enought fruit and veg to ensure all Americans can stick to a healthy diet in order to prevent cancer .
These are the latest findings of a governmental body.
The National Cancer Institute asserts that Americans overestimate the extent to which they exercise, another factor in the prevention of cancer .
There are multiple studies which have demonstrated that individuals who maintain a healthy weight, exercise frequently and eat lots of fruit and vegetable are less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.
The current administration is considering ways in which Americans could adhere to a healthier diet and exercise more often in order to lower obesity levels .
The National Cancer Institute checked to find out whether or not the American food supply could offer the recommended five daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to each American.
It is not able to do so.
The food supply provides around half what it is needed, with lots of extra calories from added sugars and fat .
Unsurprisingly, however, fast-food joints, junk food manufacturers and snack companies are sufficiently supplied.

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