Jennifer Annistons Diet Secrets

Jennifer Aniston has been on set filming her latest film with Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman looking svelte.
It is not by chance that Jennifer looks so fit right now.
She has enlsited the talents of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, aka, the lady who trained Madonna and worked on Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs.
Jennifer was forewarned that she would be wearing several skimpy dresses during filming in Hawaii so wished to ensure she was in great shape.
Tracy is well known for developing her own specific exercise regime which involves a combination of Pilates, dance and specific diets .
She is not a fan of liquid detox diets to lose weight, as she says they do help you lose weight, however, you gain more the next week.
The solution she came up with is the baby food cleanse for Jennifer. All day Jennifer eats pureed foods, smoothies, soups and then you have with cinnamon and soups, while she will be eating a cooked dinner of lean meats and vegetables each evening.

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