Lower Cholesterol Nut Guide

In the UK nuts are viewed by many as traditional Christmas snacks, something you snack on between meals on Christmas day and Boxing day.
However, it has been discovered that nuts are beneficial for your health all year round.
It has already been widely publicised that your blood cholesterol can be lowered by a daily dietary intake of nuts.
At diet.co.uk we provide you with a guide to nuts.
It is of note that nuts contain quite a lot of fat. Therefore, a snack of nuts is adequate, without eating excessive amounts.
Just 2.4oz or 56.7g of nuts eaten on a daily basis is enough to help in with overall cholesterol reduction.
Walnuts contain the most omega-3 fatty acids which make them a great source for reducing cholesterol.
Almonds contain high amounts of calcium for healthy bone building.
Brazil nuts contain a lot of the antioxidant selenium, which is related to the prevention of several cancers .
Chestnuts are the lowest in fat and calories, with macadamia nuts containing the greatest.
Dry roasted nuts are equal in calories and fat to oil roasted ones.
Nut butters contain the same nutrients as nuts.
Peanuts are just as nutritious as other nuts, however, they are members of the legume family, along with peas and dried beans.

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