Quick Weight Loss Means More Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss can help you to have steady loss of fat and may be a key weight loss solution.
Weight loss research undertaken by the University of Florida involved 250 obese ladies and came up with very interesting results. The research took 18 months in all.
The research team divided the women into two different groups.
The first group was placed on a crash diet for rapid weight loss and the other group was put on more traditional weight loss solutions.
After 18 months, it was clear that the women who lost more weight in the first month of the research contiuned to lose more weight in the following months.
The research did not uncover a quicker way of losing weight . However, it stated that whichever diet plan you adhere to, you need to concentrate on the first month of that plan.
The research also added that weight loss creams, weight loss exercises, weight loss pills and herbal weight loss do not work most of the time.
It added that the first rapid weight loss is key for further weight loss.

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