Slimming Product Sales Rise by a Third

Lots of us seem keen to lose weight . So, many of us join gyms and rarely show up.
Recent survey results have shown that people on diets are increasingly opting for specialist slimming foods for weight loss .

Sales of and the prices of meal replacements, meal bars and diet shake mixes have gone up by a third in the last two years.
Moreover, it is dieters in the North West who are leading this trend, with women in the North West spending on average £91.14 per year on diet produts, the most out of all regions.
Certain well known slimming brands have witnessed huge product expansions in the last two years
Weight Watchers, Atkins, Complan and Adios have added to their product range, with consumer demand for such slimming products having seen sales shoot up for several top brands.
Sales have gone up by 32 per cent for Slim Fast products in key supermarkets in the past two years.

Industry experts consider that this trend is likely to continue as adults still consider such diet products as a relatively easy option to enable them lose weight .

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