Tips for Dieting

Here are some easy to follow tips for weight loss .
You do not need to stick to a strict diet as such; you can fine tune your eating patterns.
Do not gorge on your food, graze. You do not have to eat like a horse; you can eat more like a gazelle.
You should try to always ensure that you have had your breakfast, a small lunch and a smaller dinner, with a couple of snacks in between if you should so wish.
Try to eat protein and do not gorge on carbohydrates .
Try and beat hunger by stabilising blood sugar with low glycaemic foods.
Place your knife and fork down in between mouthfuls of food, so you will not be tempted to shovel your food in.
First eat the food you like the most before the rest of your meal so you are not tempted to hanker for snacks after your meal.
Do not get confused between hunger and thirst. So try to always drink a glass of water before every meal.
Should you crave for something sweet at the end of each meal, wait for 20 minutes.
This will provide you with time to assess whether you really need to eat the dessert or not.

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