Vegetarian Diet Makes you More Attractive to the Opposite Gender

You may think a suntan makes you attractive to the opposite gender.
Well so does a vegetarian diet, according to recent research.
Moreover, a fruit and veg diet makes you more attractive to the opposite gender than a sun tan .
The healthy glow produced by a vegetarian diet is considered to be highly desirable to the opposite gender.
Research demonstrated that the pale, yet rosy complexion, of model Rosie Huntington Whiteley is considered far more appealing than the perma-tan of celebrities, such as, Kate Price.
This is the first study, conducted at Bristol University, which associates a realation between sex appeal and healthy lifestyle.
Excessive suntan which cause lead to “leathering” of the skin, is thought to be a major turn off.
On the other hand, a vegetarian diet is considered to work wonders for skin.
People prefer the diet’s golden, as opposed to the sun’s darker effect.
A diet high in fruit and veg is considered to produce great skin.
The leading skin care fruits include apricots, melons and grapefruit, with key skin care veg being spinach, chillies and peppers.

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