Africa At Highest Risk of Insufficient Food in Diet

A new study that rates 190 countries in terms of malnutrition as well as dietary shortages has highlighted the extent of the challenges which African nations are facing.
African countries head the lists of countries which are rated as at extreme risk.
The research, conducted by Maplecroft and the UN’s World Food Programme for chemical company BASF, emphasises the constant struggle the world’s poorest countries undergo to attain nutrient rich foods to make healthy populations as well as functioning economies.
African countries head the extreme risk category for countries most affected by hunger, by mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency.
The research highlights the ongoing struggle of the world’s poorest nations to access nutrient rich foods to enable a full and healthy life.
All the above nutrients play a key role in human growth and development, especially those of children and adolescents. Hence, they are key for the development of healthy nations.

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