Top Diet Tips During Christmas Festive Season

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, how do you stick to a healthy diet ? Commitment and attitude are of course vital. It is good to treat yourself but not over indulge. It is best to be mindful of your dietary intake and practise moderation.
Do not skip meals as you will be tempted by high calorie foods otherwise.
Do not overindulge at a single sitting; spread your calories out over the day.
Reduce your intake of high calorie alcohol and soft drinks .
Have creme fraiche or yogurt instead of cream, mayonnaise and salad cream.
Opt for smaller portions and choose a portion of food instead of a few.
The slower the pace you eat, the better for you and skip the entrees.
Do not hang about the room with food in it for too long as you will become increasingly more tempted.
Minimise trimmings, such as, dressings and side dishes which are often highly calorific. If you eat turkey, leave off the skin and make your gravy no or minimal fat.
Do not forget light regular exercise during the holidays . It will de stress you and keep the weight off. Try to go for walks after meals.
Deny yourself nothing. By all means, have a taste, but consume in moderation.

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