A Low Meat Diet Could Save 45,000 People from Chronic Diseases

Decreasing your meat intake to not more than twice or thrice a week could result in lowering the likelihood of fatalities from cancer and heart disease phenomenally.
This the latest conclusion of the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, and health experts.
Public health expert, Mike Rayner, states that new research into the British public’s dietary habits shows that a change from a high meat diet to a low-meat diet can help prevent 31,000 people from dying early from heart disease, a further 9,000 from cancer and another 5,000 from strokes .
Such a change in diet can also assist the British National Health Service to make savings of 1.2 billion pounds.
Eating meat, especially processed meat, is especially unhealthy due to the combination of fat and salt .
The FoE guidelines advise that you do not consume more than 210g of meat each week.

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