Bad Diet Habits and Tips to Fix Them

A major poor dietary habit is skipping meals.
The least sensible thing to do is to let yourself get extremely hungry if weight loss is at the forefront of your mind.
As when you do you are likely to eat far too much. You are also likely to eat foods that are wrong choices.
It is better to eat breakfast and then eat every four or five hours.
It is better to plan your meals so you can consider simple options like microwaveable healthy meals, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, high-fibre nutrition bars and low fat yoghurts .
The healthy carbohydrates and lean protein offer long-lasting energy.
Eating out is a poor dietary habit too as takeaways and restaurants are a calorie minefield. Portion sizes are huge and meals can be high in fat, sugar and salt.
Try cooking at home and avoid alcohol, as it contains numerous empty calories. Try to drink water instead of wine and go for a salad not the bread basket.
Pick a dish that is high in protein, such as, soya , chicken or fish; choose a coooking method, such as grilling, poaching or broiling.

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