Diet Low in Fructose Can Help Lower Childrens Stomach Pains

Research highlights that a low-fructose diet can lower abdominal pain amongst children with fructose malabsorption.
This condition causes bloating, gas and cramping due to not being able to digest fructose effectively.
Fructose is a natural sugar which is present in honey, fruits and certain syrup.
Other uses include sweetening multiple drinks and processed foods.
A Washington D.C. based included children participants in their study, finding 54 per cent of the study participants to be positive for fructose intolerance.
Those children’s diets were all changed to a low-fructose diet and they were supervised by a registered dietitian.
The pain levels were then tested. 67 per cent of the children who had tested positive for fructose intolerance stated that their abdominal pain had resolved on a low-fructose diet.
It is to be noted that 48 per cent of children who had tested negative for fructose intolerance also stated that their abdominal pain had been resolved without a low-fructose diet.

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