Diet to Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a common cancer amongst women, affecting 1 out of 14 women is going to suffer from Breast Cancer.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is all to do with preventing the disease.
Other than a healthy lifestyle, including enough exercise, a lot is dependent on your diet to prevent breast cancer.
A diet that includes lots of vegetables helps prevent breast cancer. Vegetables are a prevention as well as a cure for practically any disease. Docotors recommend nine servings a day as vegetables contain cancer-fighting phytochemicals, with spinach and kale being the most important. Other key vegetables include carrots, brocolli, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot and pumpkin. It is considered most healthy to cook the vegetables in olive oil .
Whole grain in your diet, such as, brown pasta, brown rice and grain bread, is considered to help weight loss and reduce oestrogen in the body, which helps prevent Breast Cancer.
It is best to restrict dairy product intake to 4-5 servings a week as excess fat and obesity can lead to breast cancer .
Soya products, fish and fruit are all considered ideal in combating breast cancer.
Prevention is vital in keeping breast cancer at bay and all the above foods help you to put together a diet suitable for this purpose.

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