Dieting Two Days a Week Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer by 40 Per Cent

New research has shown that adhering to a strict diet for two days a week can lower the risk of getting breast cancer by almost half.
The research was undertaken with 100 overweight women aged 30 to 45 from Greater Manchester who had the genetic risk of developing breast cancer .
They were split in two equally numbered groups; one was placed on diet of 650 calories per day for two days a week which included green tea, semi-skimmed milk and Bovril. Whereas, the other group was placed on a 1,500 calories per day diet for the entire study period and asked to omit fatty foods.
Both groups were monitored for six months. Thereupon, the researchers found that the first group of women had lower levels of leptin and insulin in their blood which lead to breast cancer. The proportion of leptin declined by an average of 40% whilst the insulin level fell by 25%. Those women who dropped a stone in weight experienced their breast cancer causing C-reactor protein drop by 15%.
In the second group of women, the cancer-causing hormones in women were found to be lower after six months, however, the fall in the level of insulin was less than in the first group of women.
This goes to show that the interrmittent dieting approach offers an alternative to normal dieting which can help weight loss, However, it can also potentially lower the risk of developing breast cancer .

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