Foods and Drink that Ought to Be Reduced in Your Diet

There are certain foods and drinks that can be reduced in your diet, in order for more healthy eating and living.
Processed sugars include white sugar, sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup and should be reduced significantly as they affect your metabolism negatively. They also affect your insulin response as well as your mood and are totally empty calories .
Calories from alcohol are just as empty as sugar. Alcohol packs in the calories with seven calories a gram. It also dehydrates your body, compromising muscle growth.
Moreover, alcohol slows down your metabolism, hence, you do not burn as many calories. Therefore, alcohol provides you with less muscle and more fat .
Many of us need our caffeine fix to get our motor started. However, it is better to run on our own steam than on the oomph caffiene provides you.
No one doubts that you get some extra energy from caffiene. However, it increases your body’s cortisol levels, which inhibits lean muscle growth. In addition, caffiene can affect your sleeping patterns and your bladder adversely.

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