Healthy Diet Vital for Keeping Heart Disease at Bay

A healthy diet is key to lowering the risk of developing multiple conditions.
It is especially crucial to adhere to a healthy diet to keep heart disease at bay.
Lots of people think that cooking from scratch is healthier than processed foods and ready made meals.
In many cases this is true. However, there are lots of homemade meals which are high in calories, saturated fats as well as salt content.
Therefore, the British Heart Foundation has brought out a free iPhone app. This BHF Heart Healthy Recipe Finder enables you to work out how healthy a meal is by the use of a straightforward and user-friendly traffic light system.
Red defines high levels of, fat, calories, or salt, amber denotes medium levels and green means low levels.
In addition, the app enables you to search for recipes which are suitable for particular conditions, such as, diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure .
Moreover, you can of course email meal ideas to friends and relatives.

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