Mediterranean Diet Hepls Lower Risk of Diabetes

Spanish researchers have discovered that the traditional Mediterranean diet, high in olive oil and vegetables reduces the likelihood of type 2 diabetes .
400 study participants consumed Mediterranean food. It was uncovered that they were less likely to develop diabetes over the four years the study lasted.
The Mediterranean diet is high in veg, legumes, fruit, fish, high fibre grains and other foods containing unsaturated fats, such as, nuts and olive oil . Mediterranean food also consists of minimal dairy products and red meat.
The Spanish research highlighted that a Mediterranean diet is more effective at lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes than a low fat diet .
Participants were placed one of three diets . The first diet was rich in olive oil; the second consisted of more nuts and the third diet omitted all kinds of fat .
The participants had no calorie limits and they did not have to exercise .
Four years on, 10 per cent to 11 per cent of the participants of the first two groups who adhered to Mediterranean diets had developed diabetes, whereas, 18 per cent of study participants on the low fat diet had diabetes.
The study demonstrated that there is a considerably lower risk of developing diabetes for adherents of a Mediterranean diet in contrast to the low fat diet.

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