Meridia Carries Some Risk as Do Most Diet Pills

Meridia is a diet pill which is considered to carry a degree of risk, just like most diet pills .
Meridia is an appetite suppressant, known to be effective in terms of weight loss for some people.
It is a distant relation of an old weight loss pill called fenfluramine. Fenfluramine was renowned for being part of a drug combination called Phen-fen.
The American Food and Drug Administration took Phen-fen and other drugs containing fenfluramine off the market due to an increased risk of heart valves being damaged. Phentermine, which was the the other drug in the combi, is still on the market and widely available.
Upto now Meridia has not caused heart valve problems which occurred with fenfluramine. However, there are further concerns, that is, those with a history of stroke, heart failure and coronary artery disease ought not take Meridia as they have a higher risk of getting a heart attack and stroke .

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