Mothers High Fat Diets Make for Heavier Babies

Mothers who adhere to a diet high in trans fats double the likelihood of their infants having high levels of body fat, so a new American study highlights.
Researchers discovered that infants whose diets included 4.5 plus grams of trans fats on a daily basis whilst breastfeeding were doubly likely to have high percentages of body fat, than infants whose mothers ate less than that amount every day.
The researchers investigated various fatty acids, however, have pinpointed trans fats to be the leading contributor to excess body fat .
Even though breast milk is the best milk for infant health , it can also contain high levels of trans fats, given the mother’s diet.
An improved understanding of how a mum’s consumption of trans fats can affect the health of her baby would help nutritionists to make more accurate dietary recommendations to keep chronic disease at bay later in life by encouraging mums to opt for a low trans fat diet.

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