A Dairy Diet

A leading newspaper has claimed that two glasses of milk a day can help with your weight loss .
The Daily Express has asserted that those who drink the most milk, nearly two glasses a day, had the highest calcium and vitamin D levels, and lost an average of nearly 12lbs after two years.
The feature related to research which monitored vitamin D and calcium levels amongst overweight people who were taking part in a dietary trial.
The participants were given one out of three diets; Mediterranean, low fat or low carbohydrate .
The researchers considered whether or not there is a correlation between calcium in the diet, the level of vitamin D in the blood and consequent weight loss. They discovered that greater calcium and vitamin D levels were related to greater weight loss over the two-year period of the trial.
Dairy products are a good source of vitamin D and calcium and these are important nutrients. However, this study does not provide enough evidence to suggest that dairy has a direct impact on weight loss.

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