Crisps are Part of Our National Diet

As a nation we eat so many packets of crisps that they have become part of our national diet .
We eat approximately 6 billion packets of crisps every year and 4.4 billion bags of crackers and nuts. This is more than any other European county, if looked at by tonnage.
In many other countries crisps is something you eat like olives, prior to a meal, perhaps with an aperitif.
However, that is not the case here in the UK; it would appear that we are hard wired to eat crisps, even though they are not the healthiest of snacks.
Not only do we love crisps, we also eat more at lunch time than most other European countries.
As crisps complement beer, they have also become a typical pub snack.
It would seem that we have taken our passion for crisps too far. Having just one packet of crisps is fine. However, it is a matter of balance. Whatever the manufacturers say, crisps are fine slices of potato which have been fried in oil .
In addition, should you eat too many crisps, you are not going to be eating a balanced diet .

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