Diet Could Prevent 80,000 Cases of Cancer Annually

Approximately 80,000 cases of cancer per annum could be prevented if we had healthier diets and undertook regular exercise .
The increase in cancer is related to a poor diet as well as insufficient exercise and is a great challenge the world over.
Martin Wiseman, an advisor to the World Cancer Research Fund, added that this is also related to longer lives.
If Brits ate better, maintained a healthy weight and exercised more, 80,000 lives could be saved per year.
A third of the most common cancers prevalent in high-income countries and a quarter in medium and low income countries could be stopped if people led healthier lives.
The UN estimates that the number of deaths from cancer across the world is going to double by 2030.
The number of cancer cases worldwide has increased considerably in the last 30 years, from 6.3million in 1980 to 8.1 million in 1990 and 11.3million in 2007.

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