Diet is the Key to Weight Loss

Exercise is not the most ideal way for weight loss as our activity levels are lower than 20 years ago. A healthy, balanced diet is key to shedding pounds, according to a recent study.
John Speakman from Aberdeen University relates that the increasing obesity problem to individuals eating too much, as opposed to insufficient exercise.
Speakman and a colleague analysed twenty years worth of studies on energy expenditure.
The data highlighted that there is more reliance on time-saving technology, individuals are less active today than those 20 years ago.
This is due to factors like the drop in the number of children who walk to school and an increase in TV viewing.
Twenty years ago no one would have purchased an exercise bike and cycled on it sat on it in their garage but now people will do that.’
However, the researchers emphasised that physical activity is great for the body and ought to be part of a ‘healthy, balanced lifestyle”.

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