Does the Atkins Diet Put You In a Early Grave

The death rate amongst those who have a low carb diet and a high protein diet is higher than those who stick to other eating patterns.
The study discovered that, in contrast, those who were on a low-carb diet including plenty of vegetables faced a lesser risk of death.
For the purposes of the study, researchers tracked the dietary habits as well as health of 85,000 women and 45,000 men 20 years plus.
Women and men who stuck to an animal protein-based low-carb diet were 23 percent more likely to die over the course of the study. Those who ate a low-carb diet with many plant foods were 20 percent less likely to die.
The findings of this study clarify that those who stick to an animal-based low-carb diet have a higher risk of overall mortality, especially cancer mortality.

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