Formula Milk Advert Banned Due to Dietary Claim

An advert for toddler formula milk has been banned as it claims that the majority of children do not receive adequate iron in their diet, according to a watchdog.
The Cow and Gate ad for Complete Care Growing Up Milk stated: “Did you know eight out of 10 toddlers aren’t getting enough iron?”
The ad then shows a woman passing her child a huge 12-litre cup of milk before the voice-over continued: “It’s not surprising – meeting 50 per cent,of their needs would mean drinking 12 litres of cow’s milk per day … or just two beakers of Cow and Gate Complete Care Growing Up Milk, as part of a varied diet helping to support brain development, strong bones and teeth, healthy growth.”
On-screen text read: “Recommended daily intake of iron is 6.9mg from a variety of iron-rich foods which may include Growing Up Milk.” Three individuals challenged whether or not this claim that “eight out of 10 toddlers aren’t getting enough iron” could be proved.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) stated that most viewers would interpret the ad to mean that their child was deficient in iron if they received less than 6.9mg a day.

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