Is Diet Linked to Asthmsa

A recent study has discovered that that obesity itself is a risk factor for asthma.
The research highlighted that even children who are a healthy weight have an imbalanced metabolism as a result of poor diet or exercise and are therefore more likely to suffer from asthma.

Researchers at West Virginia University School of Medicine emphasise that early abnormalities in lipid and/or glucose metabolism can be related to asthma developing in childhood.
The research implicates metabolic disorders in asthma developing, and stresses a new approach to diet and lifestyle for children who are not particularly obese or overweight .
18,000 children were tested and it was discovered that while asthma prevalence usually increased with BMI, it was considerably higher in obese and morbidly obese children than in children who had healthy BMIs. However, the simple overweight status was not related to increased asthma prevalence.

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