Jennifer Hudson Has Successfully Dieted to UK Size 8

Jennifer Hudson, the actress, has admitted that she cannot often remember the exact weight loss she has undergone.
The entertainer has in fact dropped five dress sizes after starting a diet regime. However, she is still not able to get used to shopping for smaller clothes.
She has gone from a UK size 18 to a UK size 8, or American size 6.
She says that when she goes into clothes shops, the sales assistants try to put her in American size 4s and 6s.
She wonders who they are talking to as her mind has not adjusted to her size as yet.
She claims she did not mean to diet down to the size she has and she asserts that she was always content with herself, irrespective of size.
She insists that she has always been very comfortable with herself, whether she has been a plus-size or a smaller size.

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