Lady Ga Gas Extreme Dieting

It is alleged that Lady Ga Ga was admitted to hospital six times in the last 12 months due to her extreme dieting.
The Sun newspaper claims that the Telephone singer’s former tour manager David Ciemny says that GaGa binges on junk food, then follows that y not eating at all for weeks just to fit into her eccentric costumes.
Ciemny also makes claims that she lost 20lbs between the first fitting of her extravagant clothes and their final fitting.
David, lays claim that GaGa’s yo-yo dieting and obsession with weight hospitalised her six times in just 12months.
He added that not only was she sick physically; her yo yo dieting also made her mentally unwell.
There is of course great pressure on celebrities to lose weight to which Ga Ga succumbed.
Her ill health was publicised when she cancelled several shows last January after collapsing.
In March, she also broke down on stage during a performance in New Zealand.

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